Cannot download multiple load file because they overlap

Hello, I was told to make a new ticket after commenting on this ticket.

I am using SDK 14.2, S140 alpha, NRF52840. Segger IDE. I have been developing with this IDE & SDK for months, and all of a sudden, this error is cropping up when I download my application to my device via the debugger. It happens seemingly sporadically, but more and more frequently, and it is starting to drive me crazy. I can't even test my code because it won't run properly.  

These are my section placement macros (below). I have not changed them at all over the course of this project; I am not currently updating my SDK, I have not made any drastic code changes, and suddenly out of nowhere, I'm getting this error message about multiple load files overlapping. 









and the weirdest thing is sometimes if i just press the "debug > Go" (F5) button over and over again, without changing any code, it just runs. it is like 1 out of 5-10 times that it will run. other times i get the above error. If I press F5 while the error is happening, there is a high chance the error will happen again. But if I wait hours and come back, it seems like the problem goes away, without me changing any code or anything.

What is happening? How do I make it stop?

  • Hi,

    I am not able to explain this, and have never seen it before unless there is actually an overlap. But in that case it should be consistent. Which SES version are you using? Does upgrading to a later SES version help?

    The error seems to indicate that load files are overlapping, but I assume the only additional load file is the SoftDevice? 

    Also, note that SDK 14.2 and the alpha SoftDevice is not supported for production with the nRF52840, so I suggest you migrate to a more current SDK and SoftDevice. The first with production support for the nrF52840 was SDK 15.0.0, but the latest is 17.0.2.