Front end Bluetooth module with RX gain

What benefit is there to RX gain for the bluetooth front end module

Most other 2.4 amplifiers do not have RX gain. 

Our concern is the noise floor, would not the RX gain amplify the noise equally to the signal so there would be no net gain?

  • You will gain some sensitivity with a LNA, but less than the gain in the LNA because, as you say, noise will also be amplified. With the 16 dB gain in the LNA, the sensitivity will improve by 4 to 5 dB.

  • Hi Ketiljo 

    Thanks for your reply. 

    As I understand it, for the improved sensitivity of 4 to 5 db  it must be focused in  amplifying the 2.4 band and the LNA is acting like a filter. Is this assumption correct?

    Do you have any data sheets  with test results showing the increased sensitivity with the 16db of RX  gain vs no gain?