Compiling Code in Keil and SDCC

I have downloaded the Kiel and uVision file (the nrf Probe) found here: and have gone through the steps of the .exe file. Now, the only GUI I can open is this:


I would really appreciate some assistance in how to start compiling c code. The nrfProbe folder in the download only has the liscence.rtf so I cannot find the GUI that is shown in the user guide to compile code.

Also, I have tried using SDCC for compiling but have come across an error that: Nordic\reg24le1.h: No such file or directory even though the reg24le1.h file is saved within the folder with the code trying to be compiled. If anyone could help me to compie a code using either of those options, or point me to somewhere that has steps on how to use the SDCC, it would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

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