BLE Relay notification on NRF Connect app not working SDK 17.0.2


I have two boards NRF52840 DK and I wanted to use example for BLE Central&Peripheral NRF Relay. 
I have just run example with Heart Rate peripheral and I can see that boards are connected. I can connect to the nRF Relay board by NRF Connect app on iPhone and read the data, but notifications are not working.

Could you please tell why is this happened? Slight smile

Best regards

  • Hi Damian, 

    If you use the nRF Toolbox -> HRM profile would it work ? 
    Please make sure you have enabled notification on the nRF Connect app. 

    If you look at the log of the relay node do you see the data arriving from the HRM peripheral node ? 
    You may want to capture sniffer traces of the communications to get what could be wrong and in which connection. 

  • Hi,

    In nRF Connect app I have notifications enabled, I checked that example on the desktop app with third board (nRF52840 dongle), I can connect to the Heart Rate peripheral board and get data by notifications, but by connecting with nRF Relay board I can't get any data by notifications, only by read procedure. I didn't make any changes in the examples codes, only run Heart Rate peripheral example and nRF Relay example like in that instruction: nRF Relay example. I did all steps, diodes are working correctly, just notifications not working.

  • Hi, 
    I did a quick check here and it worked fine for me (SDK v17.0.2) 

    I would suggest to capture the sniffer trace. It would reveal if any issue between the phone and the Relay node. 

    I assume in the log on the relay node you can see something like this when the phone connects: 

    Please try to step in to the code to see if ble_hrs_heart_rate_measurement_send() is called inside hrs_c_evt_handler() and if it return NRF_SUCCESS error code. 

  • Hi,

    I know where was a problem, I have just reset firmware on the boards and now everything is working correctly, I think it was about the update of SEGGER Embedded Studio. Thanks for help. Slight smile