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How to set Coded PHY rate to S8 or S2 using nRF Connect SDK

Hi Nordic Team,

I've got the nrf coded phy hr example working using 1.5.1 nRF Connect SDK, with the peripheral and central sides running on a couple of nRF52840-DK's.

Now I would like to see the difference between S8 and S2 modes but can't quite see how to set or change modes?

I'm guessing that I set the mode I want to connect with on the peripheral side?  and how do I tell what the resulting connection is made with on the central side?

I get connection values on the console of tx_phy 4, rx_phy 4. What does 4 indicate?

I couldn't find any similar questions in other cases so I guess I'm missing the obvious, so any help here would be apricated.