nRF9160 NB-IoT SIM registration step by step guide


I have nRF9160 dev kit, which I am using in a LAB with a private LTE SIM card, which has 99920 PLMN ID.

The network supports Band 3, and NB-IoT is configured as an in-band signalling.

I am using nRF connect 3.6.1 software to fire up the AT commands, which includes scanning of the network, and then it should allow me to register to the network

which is not happening, 

at this stage, can you please provide me step by step AT command guide to troubleshoot the problem, 

I am attaching the initial device logs collected, 

Moreover, I have also tried with the Vodafone commercial SIM card, which is also not connecting.

I am using this kit with a windows 10 machine, 

looking foward

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