NRF Mesh DFU. Is it really usefull in production?

So, for a while I have tried to follow these instructions:

But when I though if this DFU method is really any good in production. Like you construct any kind of IoT device and sell it to customer. Does any customer would want to update in form like this? Even if it’s all perfectly placed in some kind of PC software, do any of them would want to but some “dongle” programmer to update mesh network?

Maybe somebody has implemented DFU Mesh update through something like phone application without connection to another nrf device via serial?

Thank you for your opinions.

  • Hi,

    The Mesh DFU solution provided in our SDK is ready for production. It is pretty stable and pretty sure some customers are using it already. It could be a gateway device that does the update. 

    Our solution is not implemented over GATT. This is something you have to implement yourself, or see if someone on the forum have done this and wants to share their solution. A recommendation is to use BLE DFU as it is simpler to implement, but then it won't be possibble to update all nodes simultaneously. So this depends on how big your network is, if it is not too big it might be a better solution for you.

    I suggest you have a look at this post, discussing how this might be done.