mesh node status


with nRF Mesh SDK, how can a node (application) get awareness of its own status: connected/not connected, hops, rssi or similar? 



  • Hi,

    Can you give more details on what your use-case is and what exactly you are looking for? 

    In a mesh network there is no concept of connections. Bluetooth mesh utilizes the BLE advertiser and scanner roles, communicating through advertisement packets.

    What do you mean by hops and RSSI? Do you mean from a message received from another node?

    I suggest you read through Bluetooth mesh concepts if your not too familiar with mesh.

  • Hi, 

    sure I am not familiar with Mesh and that is why I try asking. Nodes moving around, they might go into spots where their "connection" with rest of mesh nodes is lost. How can each node figure out "if" and (if applicable) "with what quality/strength" it is connected to the mesh network? 

    Is it possible to turn the LED color of a thingy52 with wheels moveing around, with color depending on what asked above?

    Hope this clarifies the question.



  • Hi,

    A mesh node won't be able to know it's own status to the network but there are mechanisms for monitoring other nodes in the network(Have a look at this).