Compatibility issues between zephyr drivers and nordic modules requiring NRFX gpio driver

Hello, we are developing a zephyr application on top of nrf52 soc. We can use the built-in zephyr drivers for most modules (ex: I2C, UART, nvm, etc.); however, for some modules (ex: input capture and counters), we had to use the nrfx hal drivers instead. See this link for reference.

Most of these implementations require disabling the zephyr GPIO driver and using the nrfx gpio driver with the PPI hardware. Although it is not ideal, this workaround has been working. The issue we are facing now is some of the zephyr drivers rely on the zephyr GPIO driver, and it won't work if we disable it. For example, many I2C sensors use a GPIO line to trigger an interrupt line. Any idea on how we could address this compatibility issue? Thx!

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