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Nrf5340 soft device backward compatibility

Hi Team,

Currently we are using 52840 soc with softdevice s140_nrf52_7.0.1_softdevice.hex.

We want to migrate to 5340 for BLE 5.2 features, we would like to understand below points.

1. is it possible to use the same softdevice(s140_nrf52_7.0.1_softdevice.hex) with 5340 soc without any application changes.

2. if any other latest versions of softdevice is recommended for 5340. if yes, is it backward compatible with softdevice(s140_nrf52_7.0.1_softdevice,hex).

3. From where we can find the supported examples and SDK's or any third party libraries for direction finding(AOA and AOD).


Akshay Goyal