UE detached LTE connection due to cloud connection fail with CMW500

Dear Nordic,

I'm doing network registration test with nRF9160 DK in CMW500 test network environment.

I've set CMW500 configuration up as described at "https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/nordic/cellular-iot-guides/b/hardware-design/posts/using-nrf9160-against-r-s-cmw500-or-cmw290-in-signalling-callbox-mode" surely.

So, I didn't see "Signaling failure" from cmw500 thanks to your kind description.

However, attach was not established even after this setting and found below log at that time.

I checked UE was attached as "Connected to LTE network" log displayed, but UE tried to connect to cloud after LTE connection immediately.

Eventually, cloud connection failed (I think it's nature because CMW500 has no cloud server) and UE detached LTE connection.

Afterward, UE went to reboot mode. I assumed that it's a FW procedure of Nordic Iot devices.

So, is there any way to do connection test with network equipment like CMW500? How can I avoid this cloud connection flow.

Thanks for your quick support in advance.