in ncs1.5.0 and nrf5340 board using SES,how to creat a hardware timer, not software timer like k_timer?

   For reading ecg data must synchronize GPIOE interrupt every 4ms,i want to creat a hardware timer with period 4ms, in this timer cb, take semophere gived by GPIOE interrupt,and read ECG data. buause hardware timer can not broken by thread switch and every 4ms is exactly accurate.

placed a read data function in hardware timer cb , i do not know if this can make zephyr os reset

why a little code or function placed in a k_timer cb(2ms period) interrupt can lead zephyr os reset?

zephyr os reset in below shortcut imagine happen is i place function 

ADS129x_Read_Data( )  in void timer_readInterruptHandler(struct k_timer *timer_id) 

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