How to add custom nRF device to zigbee2mqtt

Hello there! I've been developing a custom device with a nRF52840 dongle. For this I had to develop a custom cluster to properly support the type of data I wanted the device to output.

The device outputs 2 temperatures and a current. I've managed to properly set it up and I got it communicating between 2 nRF52840 dongles, but now I'm looking to use a zigbee2mqtt dongle based on Texas CC2531 as a coordinator to receive the data. This is where I'm finding difficulties, as no one in the Z2M community seems to be able to help me or point to an example. I can pair the device and even got it to be recognised as "supported" by z2m, but no data is being received, this probably has to do with the fact that I can't bind the custom cluster I've created for this device with z2m.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular case that can help me?

Thank you and best regards.

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  • Hi. No problem, thank you for your assistance!

    I've already tried to follow those instructions before, seems like for custom devices there are some steps that aren't detailled enough, at least for me. It probably works fine with a custom device that outputs temperature for example as defined by the ZCL standard, however my custom cluster exposes 2 temperatures and a current, so I have to define that somehow on the Z2M side as well. 

    Following that link I've already managed to add support for my device, it is now recognized, vendor and model and all those things, I just can't get it to receive any data from it.