How to implement a custom service using a SPI interface on TF-M

Hi Sir/Madam, 

Our project needs to use TEE on nRF5340 which seems to be implemented by TF-M for now and future. After investigating the implementation, I didn't find a service sample that uses a peripheral from the secure world. Specifically, our project needs to get a SPI-wired biometric sensor managed by TEE environment. So far, I can't find either the nRF53's SPIM driver in TF-M's nRF53 platform or a custom service using the physical driver. Do you have an example similar to that or some suggestions how to achieve that? 

Thank you!

Jun Li @ Intel Corporation

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  • Hi Einar, 

    Thanks for the suggestions! 

    One more question: our application RoT will use the SPI master which doesn't have an implementation in the HAL layer. To enable the application RoT to use the SPI driver, should a PSA RoT partition for the SPI driver be added as well, like ioctl partition which is implemented already?