GPIO wakeup low power workarounds?

I'm evaluating nF51822 for my application which needs to wake up from either a button press or an interrupt pin singal from an accelerometer. Normally this can be done with enabling GPIO interrupt while putting the CPU to sleep, but from nRF51 manual it seems the GPIO "pin sensing" feature won't generate an interrupt like traditional MCUs (correct?); GPIOTE is needed to generate such an event as done in app_button.c

And a discussion here says a hardware issue that can cause ~1mA in sleep mode if GPIOTE is enabled.

This worries me... I can't affort such a sleeping current. Could someone kindly show me a way around this issue? BTW, SoftDevice is needed.

@Nordic: if I still want to use nRF51 for a project that plans to go MP in the next 6 month, can I expect the issue will be fixed by then?

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