Sequence Number Recovery for bluetooth mesh?

How to recover communication  due sequence number.   (Could be due of  PYACI  serial hardware changed/dammaged).
Is there any command to reset or know sequence number of node.

Device:            nRF52840,
Host/Gateway : PYACI

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  • Hi Mital, 

    There is no command to know sequence number of node, but you can send the State Clear (0xac) command to reset. See Serial commands.

    I would suggest you have backed up the JSON file, then you can easily reconnect to your mesh network via the db = MeshDB() load command (see link)


  • Thanks Amanda for  for quick response. I'll check  with "State Clear" Command thanks

  • Hi Amanda,

    Not able to resolve sequnce number issue.

    Still getting relapy packet error.

    Tried with  bellow commads,

    send(cmd.SubnetUpdate(0, b"\x76\xC6\xC3\xDF\xB1\xF0\x3E\x00\xB5\x36\xB9\xDC\x78\xFD\xF1\x9F"))
    send(cmd.AppkeyAdd(0,0, b"\xCE\x7B\xEA\x74\x67\x75\xF5\x93\xDD\x97\xD5\xC8\x9B\x0A\x86\x15"))

    send(cmd.PacketSend(0, 1, 0, 8, 1, 0, 0, b"\x82\x02\x01\x01"))

    Can u share any Document preocess to reset (to resolve sequence number issue with pyaci) 
    It will help all of us to resolve same issue.

  • Hi,
    After  "State Clear" it start sequence number for  zero ( initial value) so how can we resumed communication stopped due to sequence number mismatch.  How to change sequence number of remote no that so that it will respect commad from pyaci serial module.

    Pleas share process/ doc for this. Also i need process to reset provisioned node with pyACI

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