Not able to receive all of the advertised packets(advertised by sensor) at on NRF51 reader


I am trying to receive advertised data by a sensor which is easily detected at nrf connect app and whenever data changes i am able to see the change in data on nrf connect app. 

but this is not the same case when i try to receive data on NRF52 DK using scanner code. there are few packets which are lost and not able to receive all of the packets.

please guide on this.

thank you.

  • Hi,

    You may not be able to receive all packets, since there may be noise in the environment. But if noise is not the problem, then you can try to modify the scan window and scan interval of the nRF52 DK scanner, e.g. set both window and interval to 100ms. Then you at least ensure the radio will listen continously, except for a short period when switching frequency every 100ms. I assume in this case that the softdevice is not doing any other action (e.g. advertising or flash erase/write operations), since this can also cause the radio not be able to scan during those periods.

    Best regards,