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.text is too large to fit in FLASH memory segment

I tried to compile the Secure Bootloader project in:


but get the error:.text is too large to fit in FLASH memory segment

Are ther any settings I need to change?

Any help appreciated

  • Hi,

    The error indicate that you have run out of flash memory. The example bootloader example itself should build as is, so it seems like you have done some changes. If those changes were not expected to increase the size of the bootloader then you should look at that. If it was expected that the size increased, then you need to modify the project configuration so that the bootloader start address is lowered and the size increased correspondingly.

    Specifically go to the project options and select the following:

    If you for instance want to allocate another 4 kB page to the bootloader, set FLASH_START=0xf7000 (so 0x1000 less than before) and set FLASH_SIZE=0x7000 (0x1000 more than before).