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We would like to install approx. 2000 pcs BLE devices in a mesh network. The device density is quite high (2x5 meters matrix, same level, no objects).

I think only couple of nodes should have relay functionality. Too many relays cause extreme network load, message cache overflow and ineffective network operation.

I plan to enable the relay function in 80 devices only. The distance between relays is 10-15 meters. The number of hops between the longest ends is about 20 hops, so TTL will be set to 24.

I plan to disable the relay, proxy and the advertisement functions in the normal nodes.

Is my approach correct? Will it work? What do you recommend to optimize the network? Shall I play with the retransmission parameters?

The next question is related to enable/disable relay functions: I would like to use the same fw in the nodes. Enable the relay is a configuration parameter. I couldn't find API function to do this. However there are public functions in the mesh source code core/include/network.h like network_opt_get/set. (mesh v5.0)

Is it recommended to use these functions to tune the relay function?

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  • Hi,

    It doesn't help.

    As I wrote earlier the module _has_ LF oscillator. This is not the issue.

    It is so strange. If I disable the proxy by the "#define MESH_FEATURE_PROXY_ENABLED 0" I have the same assert.

    I tried the light switch server example and it behaves the same. The assert happens after couple of seconds.

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