Allowed characters in Kconfig string options


I have some randomly generated strings I'd like to use as the values for my Kconfig string options but Kconfig doesn't seem to like these as they contain characters like "]" and ")". Is there a way I could somehow escape these characters or use some other trick to use them through Kconfig string options? Additionally, is there a list of characters that are allowed/disallowed for the string options so I could avoid these in the future when generating strings?

  • Hi Riku

    We do not have any such list of characters.

    The KConfig options are at some point passed trough the C preprocessor, which might be the reason for the errors you experience.

    I have not been able to find any way to escape these properly.

    The easiest method here is most likely for you to test different characters, and not use the ones that does not work.

    Sigurd Hellesvik