nRF52810 or nRF52805 Uart Throughput test results.

SDK: v17

Softdevice: S112

I am currently checking the throughput using nrf52810 or nrf52805.

In device A, data is input as Uart and checked as device B input data Uart.

Is there a result of checking the throughput in this way?

If there is, can I know the speed?

  • Hi

    The maximum baudrate of both the nRF52810 and nRF52805 UART interfaces is 1Mbaud. 

    The data throughput will be lower than this. Since you have to send a start and stop bit for every byte you have to clock out 10 bits for every 8 data bits sent, so the maximum data throughput should be 800kbps. 

    In order to achieve good throughput in practice it is important to use the UARTE instead of the UART peripherals, and to ensure that you use sufficiently large UART buffers to handle interrupts from the SoftDevice or the application during the UART communication. 

    Best regards