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Adding custom UUIDs to nRF Sniffer/Wireshark?

I am using nRF Sniffer/Wireshark to diagnose some problems with a custom app using 128 bit Service UUIDs as well as well known 16-bit UUIDs.

In the screenshot below, you can see that in packet 4988 the sniffer was able to match the 16 bit UUID to the FTMS service/Indoor Bike data characteristic.

My custom service at handle 0x2b (packet 4955) is sending out a notification, but the Sniffer/Wireshark is of course not able to name that custom UUID at that handle.

Is there a preset/configuration file where I can add a name for that service for custom UUIDs, so Wireshark can nicely display my service as well and not printing "(Unknown: Unknown)"?

Opening the dialog Wireless -> Bluetooth ATT Server attributes shows all my service UUIDs but it seem I cannot edit them there?

Thank you!

  • Hi Markus, 

    I think it's better a question for Wireshark. I'm not sure if you can add your vendor specific UUID into the Wireshark dissector. 
    We don't actually define the list of UUID name in Wireshark, we use the BLE protocol analysis built-in in Wireshark so we don't know how to modify that. 

  • Thank you for this clarification. I assumed the name of BLE services might have come bundled with the nRF Sniffer plugin but now I'll ask in the Wireshark support forum!