BC805M Module (nRF52805) program and OTA during mass production

Hi, dear Nordic team, 
We've already purchased a few thousands of BC805M BLE modules (nRF52805) for our upcoming mass production. During R&D, according to datasheet, we used 4 jumper wires to program the BC805M module via nRF52 DK (see image). However, this method is very slow for mass production.
  1. Does Nordic have any recommended method for programming the new chip at the 1st time during mass production? 
  2. After the BC805M module is programmed for the 1st time (firmware includes the BLE OTA method), how to use BLE OTA for the mass production in case we would like to erase/OTA the firmware for 3000 pieces of chip in batches. 
Thank you for your time and support!