How to use the PCA10028 or PCA10040 as a J-Link?

Hello everyone. I have both the two boards now. If I draw a PCB myself and want to use the Debug-out port to debug my PCB, what should I do? Which pin should be connected to VDD on my PCB? Need I use a knife to cut some wires of PCA10028 or PCA10040?

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  • Hello,

    To use the nRF52 DK as a programmer for another SoC you will need to make the debug out connection's as shown in the included image:

    With these connections in place the debugger on the nRF52 DK will sense that the external board is the target, and program it instead of the onboard SoC.

    For convenience, I recommend that you program your nrF52 DK with the 'blinky' application before you begin programming your external board, so that you can be certain that the correct device is being targetted when the programming happens.

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