Query - Nordic nRF5340 - LE Audio Evaluation

Hello Team,

We are looking to do a POC on LE audio feature. Could you please clarify below query on the product nRF5340 DK which supports LE audio? We are planning to buy it.

1) To evaluate LE audio broadcast feature (Streaming audio to 2 or more devices), do we need to purchase 3 or more nRF5340 DK to evaluate it (1 acting as source and other 2 as sink?)
2) Do we have any other alternative to do POC on LE audio broadcast feature with single nRF5340 DK? (Any bluetooth headsets supporting LE audio available?)
3) Does SDK for nRF5340-DK comes with readily available stack & drivers? As a user I hope, only I need to write code in application layer with documented API calls.
4) Is it possible to execute LE audio broadcase feature with SB3 codec? or do we need LC3 codec mandatorilty to execute the use case
5) What are the process & how to acquire LC3 codec license? Does it cost additional to development kit?
6) Does SDK avialble in Nordic website is enough to do POC on LE audio broadcast feature? or do we need to get any other additional SDK for it?

I hope I just need to purchase nRF5340-DK from any distributors and can download SDK from Nordic website for free to start working on LE audio to do a POC on LE audio broadcasting feature.

Thanks & regards,
Bala Krishanan

  • Hi Bala, 

    Have you looked our nRF5340 Audio DK and the support for it in our NCS SDK

    1. We strongly suggest to start your evaluation with our nRF5340 Audio DK instead of the nRF5340 DK. The nRF5340 DK can be used to connect to PC to broadcast the audio but on the receiver side the nRF5340 Audio DK is needed. 

    2. Currently you would need 2 boards one to broadcast and one to receive. In there future there will be support for LE Audio in mobile phone but it's not available now. 

    3. Please follow the NCS SDK nRF5340 Audio section. 

    4. Any other codec than LC3 must be considered a proprietary solution. The LE Audio specification allows alternative codecs, but LC3 is mandatory and for alternatives both sides must support the alternative. Since this is allowed SB3 is likely to be possible, unless there are some technicalities preventing it.

    5. Please follow the documentation

    6. Yes. You may need to download external library but it should be done automatically when you install the toolchain.