LTE-M Reconnect after LoS


I am using Thingy 91 in Australia, and I have linked Asset Tracker v2 with overlay-lwm2m.conf to communicate with my own LwM2M server, which is running an instance of Leshan server. Thingy 91 has no problem communicating with my server in both passive and active mode, as long as the cellular link is stable. I took it for a drive, but when I got home, I realised it had stopped sending data to my server as soon as I had entered my underground parking, even though the LED would dutifully blink green and teal every two minutes, just like you'd expect it to behave in active mode. When I connected to it via LTE Monitor I realised the LTE link is disconnected and Thingy 91 cannot reconnect. Recycling the power easily resolved the problem, so I decided to simulate LoS by wrapping it in aluminium foil. Once again, connection was lost and could not be established until either the power was recycled, or I'd issue AT+CFUNC=0 followed by AT+CFUN=1 via LTE Monitor.

My question is, what is the expected behaviour of the modem in case of LoS? Does it not try to reconnect by itself? Does the software have to monitor link connection and recycle the power on the modem if it is unable to establish a link?

I am using nRF Connect SDK v2.0.0, with modem firmware 1.3.2.

Steps tp reproduce:

  1. Compile Asset Tracker v2 with overlay-lwm2m.conf (modified to connect to your own LwM2M server).
  2. Change /50009/0/0 (Passive Mode RID) to false via the server as soon as Thingy 91 registers with it.
  3. Wait a few minutes and see data coming in.
  4. Wrap Thingy 91 in aluminium foil for at least 5 minutes to make sure it experiences LoS for at least one ping.
  5. Unwrap Thingy 91, plug it into LTE monitor, and monitor modem status

Kind Regards,

  • Hello, 

    Are you able to provide some logs of this issue? Do you see the same issue if connecting to e.g. nRF Cloud?

    I will have a look at this issue and provide an answer tomorrow.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Øyvind,

    I will try connecting to nRF Cloud and see if I can reproduce the problem.

    Regarding logs, what sort of logs would you need? Is the LTE Monitor modem log sufficient?

    Kind Regards,

  • Below is the logs from LTE Link Monitor:

    Thingy 91 wrapped in aluminium foil between 21:39:00Z and 21:47:00Z. Verified that there was no data sent after unwrapping it, connected it to LTE Monitor, waited for 10 minutes, and then issued AT+CFUN=0. LTE Monitor U/I did not indicate any activity after AT+CFUN=1, so I tried it one more time, but when I checked my server I could see a connection was established on 21:57:56Z


    2022-06-21T21:47:46.362Z DEBUG Application data folder: C:\Users\redacted\AppData\Roaming\nrfconnect\pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.496Z DEBUG App pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor v2.0.1 official
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.497Z DEBUG App path: C:\Users\redacted\.nrfconnect-apps\node_modules\pc-nrfconnect-linkmonitor
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.497Z DEBUG nRFConnect 3.11.1, required by the app is (^3.8.0)
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.497Z DEBUG nRFConnect path: C:\Users\redacted\AppData\Local\Programs\nrfconnect\resources\app.asar
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.497Z DEBUG HomeDir: C:\Users\redacted
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.497Z DEBUG TmpDir: C:\Users\redacted\AppData\Local\Temp
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.735Z INFO Using nrf-device-lib-js version: 0.4.11
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.735Z INFO Using nrf-device-lib version: 0.11.8
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.735Z INFO Using nrfjprog DLL version: 10.15.4
    2022-06-21T21:47:46.735Z INFO Using JLink version: JLink_V7.58b
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.619Z INFO Modem port is opened
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.670Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN?
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.764Z DEBUG modem << +CFUN: 1
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.768Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.850Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGSN=1
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.929Z DEBUG modem << +CGSN: "352656106106282"
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.935Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:54.951Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMI
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.069Z DEBUG modem << Nordic Semiconductor ASA
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.072Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.093Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMM
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.128Z DEBUG modem << nRF9160-SICA
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.133Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.138Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMR
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.249Z DEBUG modem << mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.253Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.260Z INFO Nordic Semiconductor ASA nRF9160-SICA [mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2] SerNr: 352656106106282
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.261Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEMODE?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.282Z DEBUG modem << +CEMODE: 2
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.289Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.311Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND=?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.340Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: (1,2,3,4,5,8,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,28,66)
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.344Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.383Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.404Z DEBUG modem << +CMEE: 1
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.414Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.419Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.442Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC: 24
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.445Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.452Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.472Z DEBUG modem << +CGEREP: 1,0
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.480Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.484Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIND=1,1,1
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.502Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.511Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG=5
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.534Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.539Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.554Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,2
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.558Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.588Z DEBUG modem >> AT%CESQ=1
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.612Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.621Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CESQ
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.640Z DEBUG modem << +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,255,255
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.643Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.660Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM=1
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.676Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.683Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.701Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.704Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.721Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.742Z DEBUG modem << +CPIN: READY
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.746Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.769Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPINR="SIM PIN"
    2022-06-21T21:47:55.786Z DEBUG modem << +CME ERROR: 0
    2022-06-21T21:49:52.655Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 41,2,14,2
    2022-06-21T21:49:52.986Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 42,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T21:49:53.007Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",65535,9410,339,48,21,123236421,1275,306,33,15,24,0
    2022-06-21T21:49:53.009Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:51:52.655Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 40,2,3,0
    2022-06-21T21:51:52.986Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,19,2
    2022-06-21T21:51:53.005Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",65535,9410,339,47,16,123356421,1275,306,32,17,24,0
    2022-06-21T21:51:53.007Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:53:52.656Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 40,2,9,1
    2022-06-21T21:53:52.987Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T21:53:53.006Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",65535,9410,339,48,20,123476421,1275,306,33,18,24,0
    2022-06-21T21:53:53.011Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:55:52.655Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 40,2,13,1
    2022-06-21T21:55:53.006Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",65535,9410,339,47,24,123596421,1275,306,31,12,24,0
    2022-06-21T21:55:53.008Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.199Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.217Z DEBUG modem << +CFUN: 1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.229Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.237Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGSN=1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.255Z DEBUG modem << +CGSN: "352656106106282"
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.256Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.260Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMI
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.277Z DEBUG modem << Nordic Semiconductor ASA
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.278Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.283Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMM
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.300Z DEBUG modem << nRF9160-SICA
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.303Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.305Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMR
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.318Z DEBUG modem << mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.319Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.320Z INFO Nordic Semiconductor ASA nRF9160-SICA [mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2] SerNr: 352656106106282
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.322Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEMODE?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.328Z DEBUG modem << +CEMODE: 2
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.330Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.339Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND=?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.351Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: (1,2,3,4,5,8,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,28,66)
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.352Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.359Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.368Z DEBUG modem << +CMEE: 1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.369Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.372Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.378Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC: 24
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.380Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.384Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.399Z DEBUG modem << +CGEREP: 1,0
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.401Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.405Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIND=1,1,1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.418Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.423Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG=5
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.436Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.444Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.464Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,2
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.467Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.477Z DEBUG modem >> AT%CESQ=1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.492Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.503Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CESQ
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.521Z DEBUG modem << +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,255,255
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.522Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.526Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM=1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.540Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.543Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.551Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.553Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.560Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.573Z DEBUG modem << +CPIN: READY
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.574Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.585Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPINR="SIM PIN"
    2022-06-21T21:57:34.600Z DEBUG modem << +CME ERROR: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:42.520Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=0
    2022-06-21T21:57:42.620Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 39,1,3,0
    2022-06-21T21:57:42.635Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,"2014","0806310B",7,,,"00011110","11000010"
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.720Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.725Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS=3,2
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.748Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "service",1
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.752Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "roam",1
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.756Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 41,2,21,3
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.761Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME PDN DEACT 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.767Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 1
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.768Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.775Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "service",0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.781Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "roam",0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.785Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME DETACH
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.790Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 41,2,15,2
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.795Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.800Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.801Z DEBUG modem << %MDMEV: SEARCH STATUS 2
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.802Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.814Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.818Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.835Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.838Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.854Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.857Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.868Z DEBUG modem << +COPS: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.871Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.885Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.900Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.903Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.909Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.917Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.933Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: 0
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.934Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.941Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.950Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.953Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:57:44.959Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:47.581Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=1
    2022-06-21T21:57:47.628Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:57:52.585Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",64,9410,339,46,21,123715958,123715727
    2022-06-21T21:57:57.757Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",64,9410,339,47,24,123721157,123721181
    2022-06-21T21:58:06.533Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=1
    2022-06-21T21:58:06.551Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:58:35.076Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=1
    2022-06-21T21:58:35.094Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:58:38.937Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=1
    2022-06-21T21:58:38.944Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:58:52.321Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=4
    2022-06-21T21:58:53.334Z ERROR Error: 'AT+CFUN=4
    ' timed out
    2022-06-21T21:58:53.899Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:58:55.944Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN=1
    2022-06-21T21:58:55.991Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:03.881Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",66,9410,339,46,22,123787310,123786700
    2022-06-21T21:59:09.161Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS=?
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.211Z INFO Modem port is opened
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.216Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CFUN?
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.244Z DEBUG modem << +CFUN: 1
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.249Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.280Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGSN=1
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.297Z DEBUG modem << +CGSN: "352656106106282"
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.300Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.341Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMI
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.366Z DEBUG modem << Nordic Semiconductor ASA
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.377Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.432Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMM
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.515Z DEBUG modem << nRF9160-SICA
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.541Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.579Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGMR
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.682Z DEBUG modem << mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.689Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.701Z INFO Nordic Semiconductor ASA nRF9160-SICA [mfw_nrf9160_1.3.2] SerNr: 352656106106282
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.718Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEMODE?
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.767Z DEBUG modem << +CEMODE: 2
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.770Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.838Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND=?
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.863Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 41,2,12,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.865Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 2,"2014","0806310B",7
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.896Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: (1,2,3,4,5,8,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,28,66)
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.900Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.936Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE?
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.958Z DEBUG modem << +CMEE: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.963Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:34.982Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CMEE=1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.000Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.027Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.051Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.056Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.075Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CNEC=24
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.078Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.109Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.116Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.132Z DEBUG modem << +CGEREP: 0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.136Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.152Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.156Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.176Z DEBUG modem << +CGDCONT: 0,"","","",0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.181Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.213Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.231Z DEBUG modem << +CGACT: 0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.236Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.269Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGEREP=1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.292Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.301Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIND=1,1,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.317Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.320Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG=5
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.337Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.350Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CEREG?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.378Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,2,"2014","0806310B",7
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.381Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.411Z DEBUG modem >> AT%CESQ=1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.421Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.432Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CESQ
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.447Z DEBUG modem << +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,19,43
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.449Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.467Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM=1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.485Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.498Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XSIM?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.517Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.524Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.567Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.585Z DEBUG modem << +CPIN: READY
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.589Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.612Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPINR="SIM PIN"
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.629Z DEBUG modem << +CPINR: "SIM PIN",3
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.631Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.658Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CIMI
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.669Z DEBUG modem << 204080813633956
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.671Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:35.675Z INFO IMSIdentity: 204080813633956
    2022-06-21T21:59:36.335Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,15,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.577Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME PDN ACT 0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.583Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC_ESM: 50,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.587Z DEBUG modem << %MDMEV: SEARCH STATUS 2
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.588Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,"2014","0806310B",7,,,"00011110","11000010"
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.594Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "service",1
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.597Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "roam",1
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.601Z DEBUG modem << %XTIME: "04","22601212958304","00"
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.608Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.619Z DEBUG modem << +CGDCONT: 0,"IP","ibasis.iot","",0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.620Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.633Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS=3,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.643Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.648Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.655Z DEBUG modem << +CGACT: 0,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.656Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.666Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS?
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.677Z DEBUG modem << +COPS: 0,2,"50501",7
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.678Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.684Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.697Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: 28
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.698Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.713Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.728Z DEBUG modem << +CGDCONT: 0,"IP","ibasis.iot","",0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.730Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.745Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.752Z DEBUG modem << +CGACT: 0,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:39.756Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.544Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.760Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME PDN DEACT 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.766Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.775Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "service",0
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.781Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "roam",0
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.794Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME DETACH
    2022-06-21T21:59:40.811Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:41.344Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,13,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.162Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 255,0,255,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.164Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.239Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.247Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.250Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.654Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:42.659Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:43.674Z ERROR Error: 'AT+CGACT?
    ' timed out
    2022-06-21T21:59:43.675Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:44.144Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.132Z DEBUG modem << %XSIM: 1
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.142Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CPIN?
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.149Z DEBUG modem << +CME ERROR: 0
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.180Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 41,2,2,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.184Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 2,"2014","0806310B",7
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.229Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 1
    2022-06-21T21:59:45.234Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,15,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.035Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 43,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.371Z DEBUG modem << +CGEV: ME PDN ACT 0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.376Z DEBUG modem << +CNEC_ESM: 50,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.380Z DEBUG modem << %MDMEV: SEARCH STATUS 2
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.381Z DEBUG modem << +CEREG: 5,"2014","0806310B",7,,,"00011110","11000010"
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.392Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.399Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "service",1
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.400Z DEBUG modem << +CIND: "roam",1
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.401Z DEBUG modem << %XTIME: "04","22601212957404","00"
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.404Z DEBUG modem << +CGDCONT: 0,"IP","ibasis.iot","",0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.406Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.418Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS=3,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.428Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.432Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.438Z DEBUG modem << +CGACT: 0,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.440Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.450Z DEBUG modem >> AT+COPS?
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.461Z DEBUG modem << +COPS: 0,2,"50501",7
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.463Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.472Z DEBUG modem >> AT%XCBAND
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.480Z DEBUG modem << %XCBAND: 28
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.482Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.489Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGDCONT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.501Z DEBUG modem << +CGDCONT: 0,"IP","ibasis.iot","",0,0
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.502Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.523Z DEBUG modem >> AT+CGACT?
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.533Z DEBUG modem << +CGACT: 0,1
    2022-06-21T21:59:48.534Z DEBUG modem << OK
    2022-06-21T21:59:49.769Z DEBUG modem << Assistance data needed, ephe 0xffffffff, alm 0xffffffff, flags 0x3b
    2022-06-21T21:59:49.848Z DEBUG modem << %NCELLMEAS: 0,"0806310B","50501","2014",64,9410,339,48,18,16114,16159
    2022-06-21T21:59:55.546Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 42,2,15,2
    2022-06-21T21:59:57.465Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 42,2,20,2
    2022-06-21T22:00:03.546Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 42,2,14,2
    2022-06-21T22:00:05.441Z DEBUG modem << +CSCON: 0
    2022-06-21T22:00:05.788Z DEBUG modem << %CESQ: 42,2,21,3

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this information with me. 

    I'm currently trying to reproduce the procedure that you have described, but I'm not able to disconnect network. I have wrapped my Thingy:91 in aluminum foil , inside an antistatic bag, and put it in an aluminum bin. It still connects to the network, and it will receive some data from the nRF Cloud. 

    Can you please provide a modem trace. You can use the Trace Collector v2 (preview) from the nRF Connect for Desktop.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi,

    Took quite a while but attached. While recording the trace, Thingy 91 tried to communicate with my server twice on its own (ACTIVE MODE), and I triggered communications manually twice by pushing SW-3.

    On a side note, the documentations for how to capture a trace need to be updated. This trace came out of the first serial port, and not the second.

    Kind Regards,