Thingy 91 and GNSS

Hey , 

I am using a thingy 91.

I want to use this GNSS sample to get the location, but I do not get any fix. I have tried outdoors too, but nothing happens. I have the same problem outdoor.  It looks like the device is tracking but never gets a fix. 

I have been able to get location with cellular, but I need to do it with GNSS. GNSS is needed for my application

The pictures are from monitor. 

  • Hi,

    GPS/GNSS only works outside, so this is where you need to test it. 

    The first image does say that there has been 730 seconds since last fix, so seems you got at least one fix.

    I you are in the city with tall buildings close to you that may reduce the chance of getting a Fix, I recommend going to a a rea where there a few to no tall building obstructing the sky view. 

    Depending on you configuration getting the first fix might take a some time, the device needs to track at minimum 3 satellites to get a fix.   


  • hmm thanks. I will try tracking for a longer time. Do you how I can check if the integrated antenna on the thingy is workiing? 


    Okay so I let it track for like 30 minutes outside, but it never gets a fix. I have no idea why this is happening?

  • If you where able to get LTE to work then GPS should also work. So seems that the Antenna is ok, from the description you gave. 

    How many satellites is the device tracking?

    But you can always do a visual inspection of the device, if nothing looks broken or is missing then it the issue might be something else.

    What version of the GNSS sample are you using, and by that i mean what version of the SDK are you using?

    What modem firmware do you have on the device?

    Did you test the stock application? The asset tracking V2? connect to cloud and see that you device shows up in the cloud and updates, it should also provide the GPS location fix at some time.  


  • The amount of tracking satellites varies between 2-15. (genrally) 

    I am using 1.91 version and firmware 1.3. nrf9160 on the device.

    The assert tracker worked on the device. The device was connected to the cloud.

    I do not remember how the assert tracker provided GPS. I believe it used the cellular method. I have tried other samples too. Samples like multicell location and location.


  • OK, that seems strange that it was not bale to get a fix with up to 15 tracking. 

    Du you have a 9160 Development Kit ? I find it strange that it is not able to get a GPS fix, if you could test on different kit just to rule out there is nothing wrong with the GPS related components.