Power Usage when connected to nRF Connect Android App


I am testing a thermometer peripheral using the nRF52840DK. It is advertising using BT LE Coded (BT_LE_ADV_OPT_CODED) with an advertising frequency of 3 seconds.

When it is advertising it is using ~20µA of power. When I connect to the peripheral using the nRF Connect App on my Android phone the power usage of the peripheral goes up to ~235µA.

I believe the connection parameters are controlled by the "Central" which in this case would be my phone. Is this correct?

Using my PPK2 I can see that there is power usage every 45ms.

Is there any way to control the settings on the nRF Connect App to lower the power usage (perhaps by changing the 45ms communication interval)?

I also have another question related to the connection timeout for the nRF Connect Android App.

If I set my advertising interval on my peripheral to 2 seconds the app connects reliably. If I set it to 3 seconds then sometimes it connects but sometimes it times out. If I set it to 5 seconds then it never seems to connect. Is there a specific connection timeout in the app? Is there a way for me to adjust this?

Thanks for your help.