Routing messages in Zigbee mesh

Dear everyone,

I'm new to Zigbee and Nordic development. I'm currently working on Zigbee on nrf52833. I must implement a mesh topology to prove self-healing and self-routing.

Here is my configuration :

I have three nrf52833. One running the network_coordinator sample, one running the template sample (configured as a router) and one running the light_bulb sample (configured as an end device).

My mesh starts well, thanks to the zdo mgmt_lqi command, I can see that my router (depth 1) see my coordinator and I can ping in both direction. I also know that my router is able to add my end device to the mesh (depth 2). So my mesh seems work perfectly.

My problem is when I try so send a zcl command or ping my end device from my coordinator : I get an error "Error: Request timed out". I guess the request can go through my router but I don't know why...

And I sometimes get this error : 

Has anyone ever experienced this problem ? Did I miss something in my Zigbee configuration ?

You may find in attachment a wireshark capture from my Sniffer.

Have a nice day


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