What is the expected success rate of a DFU update?

We have both native iOS and Android-apps that handle DFU-updates of our BLE-FW on our HW-devices. We are currently experiencing a dip in success rate (according to our firebase metrics) on Android, where we seem to get an increased number of "GATT ERROR" during updates (no further information is available).

On Android we used to have a success rate of above 95%, and now we're down to 66% for no apparent reason (i.e. no changes to the app code handling the update, only the binary file has changed). iOS seems to succeed better, and stays around 90-95% as before.

Is there some form of "suspected success rate" on Android and on iOS (particularly interesting on Android due to the vastness of HW variants) for this chip that we can use as a "baseline" for what can be expected?

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