nRF9160 DK + Asset Tracker v2, AWS A-GPS


I am having some GPS problems with the Asset tracker v2 firmware. It can find satellites, but it doesn't track them nor do I get a GPS fix before the timeout occurs. I was thinking to enable A-GPS to speed up the fix, but since I am connecting it to my own AWS IoT instance it doesn't seem to download any A-GPS data. How can I modify the asset tracker firmware so that it downloads A-GPS properly?

Some other info:

  • I have clear skies and open surroundings for the device
  • If I run the GNSS firmware it gets a GPS fix within 30 seconds, so I am suspecting some kind of interference with the modem. iBasis supports PSM in my area but it doesn't seem to be activated if I read it out via modem commands.
  • The original asset tracker firmware which connected to nRFcloud worked perfectly, so the device isn't faulty.


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