Danalock V3 Smart Lock nRF DFU firmware rewrite twice


I bought a Danalock V3 type smart lock. The manufacturer sent me the firmware file. The first time I uploaded the file 2 out of 2 processes ran:

UPDATING: Part 2 of 2 100%

But the second time only one, the bootloader did not upload.
How can I get it to upload again and not just run one process?

Suppose I bought the smart lock second-hand. Is it enough to just overwrite these files? Or did the manufacturer not send me the complete firmware version?

The file names:

  • DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.bin
  • DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.dat
  • manifest.json
  • sd_bl.bin
  • sd_bl.dat

The manifest.json code:

    "manifest": {
        "application": {
            "bin_file": "DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.bin",
            "dat_file": "DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.dat"
        "softdevice_bootloader": {
            "bin_file": "sd_bl.bin",
            "dat_file": "sd_bl.dat",
            "info_read_only_metadata": {
                "bl_size": 28412,
                "sd_size": 120640

The bootloader update branch does not run. It only updates the application, not the bootloader. What could be the reason for this?
What exactly are the parts of a smart device? What do I need to upgrade to get a completely hacker code-free system?