Not able to connect nRF5340 LE Audio to Android

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I'm trying to connect nRF5340 Audio DK (gateway) to my Pixel 6a. The problem is there's no `NRF5340_AUDIO` detected via Bluetooth when I flash the sample in CIS mode and in BIS mode it's detected but cannot be connect (please find a screenshot from nRF Connect application attached).

Is there any way to make nRF5340 connectable to a phone?

Also, does my phone require to have a "LE Audio" supported chipset (like the once listed here: on it to even be connected? Will Bluetooth 5.2 and OS support (Android 13 has support for LE Audio profile) not be enough?

As a side note my question is very similar to this one:

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  • Hi Dejan, thank you for your prompt response,

    I've just built the app (both, old version with SBC codec and a new version from v2.1.0 samples) using NCS v2.1.0 and the behaviour is still the same. I've built the sample for both, app and net cores, using command: python3 -c both -b debug -d gateway -p

    I can see programmed status is done in configuration table overview and the board lights up green. Is there some sort of a protection in nRF5340 Audio which prohibits any device other than nRF5340 being connected? And why the device is not visible at all in CIS mode?

    Actually I've just discovered that there's no support for LE Audio in Pixel 6a according to nRF Connect app. I assume that would be the reason, right? I'd still think there should be Advertising being sent in CIS mode if I'm not mistaken.

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  • Hi,

    This might be related to the fact that your phone does not support LE Audio.

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