Communicating with URT0 and URT1

Hi Nordic,

1. I am using bl653_dvk board and (C:\ncs\v2.1.0-rc2\zephyr\samples\drivers\uart\echo_bot) is using for my sample

2. Here is i need to communicate with both uart0 and uart1

3. Here if i send data from uart0 then uart1 need to print that data

4. if i send data from uart1 then uart0 need to print that data

5. Could you provide simple program how its works if possible

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  • Hi Jorgen,

    1. Its working fine and am getting output also

    2. But i have doute its printing from uart0 but i want from uart1

    3. For that i tried in many ways to get output from uart1 like commentoff (uart_irq_callback_user_data_set(uart_dev0, serial_cb0, NULL);
    uart_irq_rx_enable(uart_dev0);) and tried its printing from uart0 and its printed

    4. Again i tried to commentoff this one (uart_irq_callback_user_data_set(uart_dev1, serial_cb1, NULL);
    uart_irq_rx_enable(uart_dev1);) and tried its printing from uart0 and its printed

    5. But whenever i commentoff both above statements but also am getting output and  printed

    6. am really struggling here please help me out if i go in wrong way

    7. I need print statement from uart1 this is agenda for me

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