nRF5340 Multicore application configuration problem

Hi all

I've tried to build the nRF5340: Multicore application on different host platforms using the nRF Connect SDK v2.1.0. It worked without any problems on Windows and Linux but failed to build on a Mac with macOS 12. nRF Connect for Desktop was used on all machines to install the Toolchain Manager.

The failed build turned out to be caused by KConfig warnings in the build process of the child image, the parent image build process seemed fine. The only difference between the child image and the parent image build process seemed to be the "Found Python3: ..." prompt, where the parent image showed the path to the version of Python in the installed NCS toolchain and the child image showed the path to the host version of Python. I assume that that's what causes problems in the subsequent build steps.

I'm not used to CMake, but a solution that seems to work is to include the following line in the CMakeLists.txt in the cpunet folder (which is the child image):

set(WEST_PYTHON <path_to_ncs_python>)

With this addition, the build also works on macOS for both the parent and the child image.

Has anybody experienced a similar problem and/or knows a better solution?