Difference between PCA10001 & PCA10028


I'v a query regarding the two development boards PCA10001 & PCA10028.

I have worked on a project with development kit PCA10001 and made the release to customer (the binaries only). I have used S110 Softdevice and multilink example as base Code.

The problem is this dev board is reported either Out of Stock OR Obsolete by all Distributors. Customer is at Remote location.

I have ordered PCA10028 from this link as it is having same Chipset.

Now My question is whether both my binaries would work on this Development kit cause i don have time remaining to change the Code according to new board and test and then release it again.

My assumption is since Chipset is same only difference remaining is Clock. For PCA10001 I was using "NRF_CLOCK_LFCLKSRC_XTAL_500_PPM". Would the same work for PCA10028.

& Apart from this what are the other changes which could create problems ??