Difference between PCA10001 & PCA10028


I'v a query regarding the two development boards PCA10001 & PCA10028.

I have worked on a project with development kit PCA10001 and made the release to customer (the binaries only). I have used S110 Softdevice and multilink example as base Code.

The problem is this dev board is reported either Out of Stock OR Obsolete by all Distributors. Customer is at Remote location.

I have ordered PCA10028 from this link as it is having same Chipset.

Now My question is whether both my binaries would work on this Development kit cause i don have time remaining to change the Code according to new board and test and then release it again.

My assumption is since Chipset is same only difference remaining is Clock. For PCA10001 I was using "NRF_CLOCK_LFCLKSRC_XTAL_500_PPM". Would the same work for PCA10028.

& Apart from this what are the other changes which could create problems ??

  • PCA10001 has nRF51822 and PCA10028 has nRF51422 both as i have checked, we can use the same code on both these Chipsets.

  • PCA10001 uses the nRF51822-QFAA, PCA10028 uses nRF51422-QFAC, Should be the same XTAL and LFCLK

    PCA10001 stopped at IC version2. PCA100028 which is nRF51422-QFAC is the latest chip version with fewer PANS.

    If your software worked in 51822(BLE only) then it is OK to use 51422(BLE+proprietary stacks)

    You job is to check

    1. If I am not wrong PCA10028 has more RAM (32k instead of 16k in PCA10001), so you need to change the IRAM settings in your project. Flash seems same so IROM values should be same.

    2. Whenever there is a product anomaly, we try to find a workaround for it. The workaround theoretically should also work on newer chips (even though the workaround is not needed as the anomaly is fixed). You can check what PAN has been fixed for your PCA10028 and just check that the workaround does not break anything (most probably they wont).

    Other than that I cannot think of anything that should effect the behaviour. Please comeback to this thread and let us know your experience.

  • Thanks Aryan for the detailed explanation. I assume apart from IRAM settings i won't have to change much from my PCA10001 Code to work with PCA10028. Could you please let me know how would I know what are correct RAM addresses for application ? I'm using S130 Softdevice and following are the current IRAM Settings for my Application in PCA10001: IRAM1- Start : 0x20002800 Size: 0x1800 I'm still waiting for PCA10028 to be delivered, once i get I'll start working on it.

    Secondly Aryan, My Customer is worried that the nRF51822-EK that we worked on is going to discontinued soon, following are the statements from David (Nordic Guy):

    "That Kit has been replaced by the nRF51-DK. The nRF51822-EK has the previous chip revision that will soon be discontinued"

    But i think if our code works out on new nrf51-DK(PCA10028) then there is nothing to worry about.

  • Also i will have to change Device from nRF51822 to nRF51422 in Project Settings, I think that won't have much effect IRam Settings are fine. ?

  • For IRAM Settings : This Link suggests following Settings :

    IRAM size(32 kB RAM) - 0x5800