VDD_GPIO = 1V8, external LDO needed?

Hello Nordic team and fellow developers,

We are now making our custom board, and have a few questions:

1. MAGPIO gets 1V8 internally, but COEX needs it from VDD_GPIO. There are no 1V8 pins available to supply the VDD_GPIO pin, so this needs to come externally. In our design, this is the only need for VDD_GPIO. Are there any way we can make a design which uses the internal 1V8 for COEX/VDD_GPIO, so we won't have to implement a LDO/PMIC only for this? I've read that the SIM_1V8 can not be used for anything other than the SIM-card.

2. Marketing materials for the nRF9160 shows PMIC included in the SiP, but the designs I've seen still use an external PMIC. I suspected this is mainly for battery charging. Are we missing something obvious here? Can we somehow skip the external PMIC all together? (Somewhat related to question 1).

Thank you all for all and any help!

Kind regards,


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