About the ESB sending data in RX mode

In transmitter and receiver communication of the ESB, the transmitter is configured as TX Mode and the receiver is configured as RX mode.
The transmitter sends data to the receiver by calling esb_write_payload. When the radio is idle, the data is automatically sent.
The receiver sends data to the transmitter. Similarly, the function ESb_write_Payload is called to fill the FIFO with data as ACK content. When the receiver receives the data from the transmitter, the ACK is sent. I noticed that the contents of the ACK must be filled into the FIFO before receiving the data from the transmitter.

The above is the process of data exchange between TX mode and RX mode in ESB. Is my understanding correct?

And I have this problem, suppose the transmitter sends a packet to the receiver that contains a question. When the receiver receives the question, it responds with the answer through esb_write_payload. To get the answer, does the transmitter have to send another packet to get the ACK?

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