nRF52832 WLCSP DCC routing over GPIO pin

I have a similar question as in the previous post (about 4 years ago) with title "nRF52 WLCSP DCC routing - - ok to run over GPIO pins?" by Laserdan, i.e., I would like to know if I can connect ball B6 "DCC" pin to the ball A5 P0.30/AIN6 to use the internal DC/DC converter  (with this connection I will not use the pin P0.30/AIN6, I will leave it on the default configuration in input with input buffer disconnect).

Reading the answer that your support given to Laserdan some years ago I noted that there aren't problem using this solution to routing out the DCC net crossing by A6 ball avoiding via in pad design and therefore using only 2 layer pcb reference circuit (obviously using only the external balls of WLCSP package). Do you confirm that? And, in the meanwhile (in these 4 years), do you have any experience with similar layout?