How to firmware update on external flash for nrf5340 app core and net core?


I want to perform firmware upgrade of app core and net core to external flash of nrf5340dk board. I am able to do it in internal flash using SMP_SVR example. What are the modification I need to do for the external flash or is there any example for the same?

Setup Detail:
SDK: NCS 2.1.0
EVM: nrf5340dk

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    Sorry for the response time I took.

    AFAIK, we don't have any dedicated sample or guide for doing DFU on external flash with 5340DK. But take a look at this sample created by my colleague, here  DFU is done on external flash with 9160dk. In your case you need to change the overlay file under the board section. I haven't tested this with nrf5340 but I guess it's all the same. I need some more time for testing but pointing it to you as you can start working.

    And here, there is a file shared my colleague built for SMP_server sample with external flash in nrf5340. The SDK version (V1.8.0) look old but it will be all the same I guess. When coming to sdk V2.1.x you need  to include CONFIG_PM_OVERRIDE_EXTERNAL_DRIVER_CHECK=y in your child image mcboot.config file and also need to include   DEVICE "DT_CHOSEN(nordic_pm_ext_flash)" inside ncs/2.1.0/nrf/cmake/partition_manager.cmake instead of DEVICE ${ext_flash_dev} line 215.

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  • Is this for simultaneous update or non-simultaneous update?

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