Encryption of FW images when using MCUBoot + SMP Server for DFU


We are developing a new product based on the nRF52840 and have been using MCUBoot + SMP Server + MCUMgr for DFU via Serial & BLE on our application with great success up to now.

We want however to have encrypted .bin & .zip (for Serial & BLE DFU respectively) so that reverse engineering our FW from the binaries is not possible.

We also want to have downgrade protection so that only newer versions can be updated on the device.

When adding the following configuration options on the MCUBoot (using a .conf file in the child_image folder of our project) configuration to enable encryption of the FW image generated we get the following error:

(documentation used:  Enryption , Encryption ticket #1, Encryption ticket #2Downgrade prevention)

configuration options for MCUBoot - mcuboot.conf

# Encryption configuration




In file included from C:\ncs\v2.1.0\bootloader\mcuboot\boot\bootutil\src\bootutil_public.c:43:
C:/ncs/v2.1.0/bootloader/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/bootutil_public.c: In function 'boot_swap_type_multi':
c:\ncs\v2.1.0\bootloader\mcuboot\boot\zephyr\include\sysflash\sysflash.h:15:40: error: 'PM_MCUBOOT_SECONDARY_ID' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'PM_MCUBOOT_PRIMARY_ID'?

What could be the reason for this? Are we missing any configuration options?

Also as a follwup question, is it easier/better to use the nRF Secure Immutable Bootloader as the first stage? Does this bootloader feature encryption of the generated FW images?

I also understand that it features roll-back protection. Can you confirm this?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,


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