It could be possible nRF52840 SoC is totally stopped, when power source is unstable ?


I'm currently developing a certain product having limitted power source (about avg. current < 100 uA).

main SoC is nRF52840, and SDK version is nRF5 SDK 17.

There are no problem in normal cases, but sometimes there is a really "weird phenomena".

When the product operates such a high power modules (such as motor, buzzer, .etc),

the program (might be main SoC) is totally stopped.

(I think, this caused when main power source is unstable...)

In this state, GPIO pin level is not changed and just maintaining the last state.

This problem is only resolved by hard-reset (by battery exchangement)

Above all, I want to know about that "it could be possible this phenomena is happening."

Thank you for all your helps...

Best regards,

Daewoong Kim

  • Hi Kim,

    The nRF itself should not end up in an unrecoverable state due to unstable supply voltage. But if the voltage drops too low, you will get a brown out reset and it should recover.

    Have you done any debugging to see what state the nRF is in when you write you need to do a hard-reset to recover? What does that tell you? Is it in a loop somewhere, or in sleep waiting for event, or something else?