TWI SENSOR library explained


to use the twi sensor library should I define for each sensor an own NRF_TWI_SENSOR_DEF?

I found not really a documentation about the usage of the twi sensor library. And each NRF_TWI_SENSOR_DEF referres then of couse to the twi transaction manager right?


  • Hi Julian,

    I totally agree that we are lacking documentation on this library. In fact, I can't see that we are actually using the library in any of our examples nor do I have any experience with using it myself. I see that the driver states that you should have one instance per TWI bus, but I can see from some of the external drivers that use this library that you should have one instance per sensor on the bus. For example:

    And yes, the nrf_twi_sensor module is dependent on the twi_manager being initialized before you use it.