High current draw Beacon example - nRF52840 - On nRF Connect SDK vs nRF5 SDK


I have been using the nRF5 SDK for years and the reason why I chose Nordic was for the low power consumption. Then when I was designing a new product using the nRF52840 I saw the article about the nRF Connect SDK which is going to be the main SDK moving forward and that the nRF5 SDK is going to be in maintenance mode only. So I thought all good, I will give it a go. I was a little shocked to be honest at the power consumption difference between the two. As a benchmark here are the differences in power consumption between the same example in the nRF5 SDK vs the nRF Connect SDK.

nRF5_SDK_17.0.2 results for ble_app_beacon:

versus nRF Connect SDK v2.0.2 results for ble_app_beacon:

I thought let me just try another example and tried the Nordic Uart Service example and the power consumption was even worse. It might be that I need to do something different in the example, there might be a sleep command I need to call etc. But I expect if Nordic has an example that it is them putting their best foot forward, so I assume this is roughly the current consumption (maybe not the best but close to it). So my question is what is the benchmark power consumption for the beacon example  for the nRF5 SDK vs nRF Connect SDK? Is there something more I need to do to get the power consumption down, as power consumption is critical for my application and that is why I chose Nordic. Is the nRF Connect SDK not designed for low power applications? Thank you for taking the time to read my question and looking forward to your reply.

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