nRF52832 DTM receiver test not work with PC DTM tool

Hi Nordic.

I am developing with nRF52832, and I need to proceed with DTM test to verify the chip in the production process.

So, I am trying to operate the DTM tool by connecting to the PC with the UART Tx/Rx pin point.

I used SDK 17.1.0 and nRF52832DK with SD132.

And the DTM example is being used without any modifications.

Transmitter test is no problem.

But Receiver test is not working.

Do I need to implement something additionally in the DTM example?

Please advice to me.


  • Hi,


    Both tests looks to work as intended, but the RX part will not count the packets until after you have stopped the RX.

    This is because of how the direct test mode specification works, it expects a start and a stop before sending the results back to the tester.


    PS: in order to receive packets, you will need another device running transmitter on the same frequency.


    Kind regards,