Very limited write access through EmbSys Registers

I am using the EmbSys Registers Eclipse plug-in to view the nRF51822 register values. The majority of the registers allow read only. Why isn't the access set up so that more of the registers can be written to through EmbSys Registers UI? For example, I can't set a pin through GPIO->OUTSET because access is RO. Why isn't access RW?

  • Embsys also uses SVD file that comes with SDK and it looks like there is some format difference !!?? I am not sure, just thinking out loud.

  • Hi, I haven't noticed this before, but now I am seeing the same. I think it must be a format issue as Aryan mentioned. Same file is used by Keil, and the peripherals does not have the same restrictions there.

    I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the embsys plug-in or the SVD file. However, I tried to use the The Peripherals view included in the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-in. With this I was able to write to set the GPIO registers through the debugger.

    First step to to enable peripheral view is to install the packs manager. Then add the Nordic device family pack. This adds the 'Device' tab in the project settings where you can choose your Nordic chip variant.

    The peripheral view will be enabled on subsequent debug sessions as long as the device type is defined.

    image description

    Thanks for reporting this! I will include in the tutorial.

  • Thank you VERY much. I have the packs manager installed. I downloaded the NordicSemiconductor.nRF_DeviceFamilyPack.8.0.3.pack. But - stupidly on my part - i cannot find a way to add this pack within the Packs perspective. I did do an update to the packs and brought in Nordic Semiconductor, but the Devices section of Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings remains empty.

    What am I missing to share this amazing thing - setting properties through EmbSys?

  • Did you try to open the 'packs' view and hit the refresh button as described here: Nordic semiconductor should appear in the list where you can choose to install the device family pack

  • Thank you. Your comment helped me get this working. YIPEE!

    I am new to embedded programming, so I was hoping you can help me with context.

    I assume the structured device file is in CMSIS-SVD format is that correct?

    If so, is the latest (I assume there are occasional bug fixes) available where the pack plug-in will look for updates? from the CMSIS-SVD Arm page, this would be ? OR does Nordic maintain newer versions elsewhere?