Evaluation of NRF5340 Confirmation of findings

Dear Support

I have made the following findings of my evaluation of the NRF5340 with Version 2.1.0 SDK:

-CIS mode has no constant delay at default settings 48-4. According to our measurements it is between 31ms-42ms. Delta is almost 10ms in a lab environment.

-In the current state of the nrf5340_audio sample program its not possible yet to set BN events, Number of IRC, Number of Suebevents, Flush timeout, GC ,PTO.

-CIS mode does not support changes of sampling rate and frame length.

Could you please confirm the following findings.

Kind regards

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  • Hi,

    Regarding your questions
    1. If you use analog input, delay should be constant. In case you use USB, note that Zephyr USB stack does not yet support async, which means that both PC and gateway/headset have their own non-synchronized master clocks.
    2. Controller is quite flexible in setting the necessary parameters. Parameters that are selected by the controller cannot be set by the application (or host).
    3. Changing configuration on the fly is not allowed as this would require tearing down the stream.

    Best regards,

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