How to select between Networks on a roaming SIM, for example iBasis SIM

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We are currently running tests on the nrf9160 DK using an iBasis SIM card, which should be capable of connecting to multiple networks. We are trying to understand if we are able to select a network to connect to? For example can we do a scan of which networks are available, and according to that prioritize/select a network?

It would be useful if we can do this to test multiple networks and understand power consumption.

From this ticket my understanding is that we are not able to do that. If the Home network of the SIM is not available, it will start scanning for other networks until it finds one. What if the device is in a region where the home network is never available? Will it go through the same process again continuously (look for home network and not find it, look for other networks), or will the device prioritize a different network and start scanning for that network first? Will it select the other network as its home network?

We are using the Serial LTE Modem application to control the device from an external MCU.

Hope the question is clear. 

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