Temperature sensor AD7410


I am using 4 x AD7410 in each TWI channel, using both TWI ports.  So, altogether 8 AD7410s.   ( I used the Adafruit breakout boards).

Initially I get the temperature readings correctly - used the Putty,    each time I manually reset the nRF52840DK.    The board is powered from my laptop's USB.  


After I  leave the DVK non-functional and  I reset it,  the board returns an error.  The same error appears  when I reset the nRF52840DK.  

app: ERROR 3 CNRF ERROR INTERNAL] at C: SDK 17 . 1.0 
pc at: ox00030CBF
app: End of error report

Could you provide any suggestions on identifying the root cause?



  • Hello

    After I  leave the DVK non-functional and  I reset it

    It is not clear to me what you mean by this.

    Could you please explain in more detail exactly what is happening?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Einar

    The nRF52840 DK  powered by the laptop USB  is used as the development platform.  I connect TWI0  to 4 units of ADT7410.  And another 4 units of ADT7410 to TWI1.    I programmed the code to read 8 values from ADT7410.  It works as expected returning one set of readings.    I leave the whole setup with the nRF52840 still connected to my laptop ( DELL laptop's)  USB.

    After about 5 minutes, I  reset the nRF52840DK.  I expect the temperature values to  be read and displayed.  However, it returns an error and no longer reads and displays the temperature readings.

    If I use a Toshiba laptop,  everything works fine.   Because of this,  I suspect  the nRF52840DK's USB compatibility with certain laptops.

    kind regards


  • I see. I don't have any immediate suggestions for why it would behave differently with different laptops. Do they all run the same OS?

    Have you tested this with different samples other than your own code?


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