aws iot disconnect event when publishing to $aws/certificates/create/json

Hello, currently developing software for 9160 and integrate to aws iot core using your aws_iot library..  All the interactions with aws have been working so far, but whenever i publish on $aws/certificates/create/json i get a disconnect event, the device has every permission in aws. The logs on aws side show that the publish is a success and the response on aws/certificates/create/json/accepted is a success. The next event is then a disconnect with reason "connection_lost". 

The device will then try to reconnect but keeps on failing with aws_iot_connect, error -119 (which i believe map to connection already in progress?). Any tips to what might cause this? The aws event handling is quite similar to the one proposed in the aws_iot sample.  

I am using nrf connect 2.1.2


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